Target Equipment Becomes Master Area Dealer for RolliSkate

RolliSkate (Rochester NY) announces that Target Equipment (Warminster, PA) has become a master area dealer for the company, primarily for the Pennsylvania and New Jersey market. Target Equipment, sister companyfullsizerender__3_ to hauling company George Leck and Son, Inc., is a compactor, installation and rental company that has grown to include other product lines such as cart tippers, the sale of carts and dumpsters and is currently dealer for RedBox+, specializing roll-offs and portable toilets.

Target Equipment’s Vice President, Jason Leck, explains that being a dealer for RedBox+ led them to reaching out to Rolliskate because many new RedBox+ franchisees were dealing with roll-off driveway and site deliveries. RolliSkate increases the delivery of roll-off waste containers by faster deployment, placement, recovery and stowing of an underlayment in a D.O.T compliant holder while focusing on mitigating property damage concerns and claims. “We thought it was a great opportunity to package both the products together as well to be able to sell it to traditional non-RedBox+ users as well.”

“Target Equipment reached out to us for our innovative concept of roll-off container underlayment, stowing and mitigation,” says RolliSkate President, Jeffrey Clarke. “There are so many facets that serve the waste industry that we looked at all of them to see if Target Equipment would be a good partner. It took Jason and I seven months of ongoing great communication for RolliSkate to make the decision. We also took into account Target Equipment’s geographic location and paid them a visit. I truly believe that Target Equipment will represent our RolliSkate brand in a favorable way.”

Says Leck, “Jeffrey wanted to make sure he had the right contacts that had the ability to move product. I am on the Board of Directors for the PA Independent Waste Haulers Association so I have a lot of contacts with haulers and deal with legislation issues. I think that once Jeffrey got a chance to hear about myself and both of the companies, he realized it was a fit for numerous reasons because there are a lot of regulations that are happening in the state. For example, in the City of Philadelphia, there is an ordinance that says if anyone has a roll-off dumpster, it must be placed on some type of material to protect the city streets. There is a real-life application; it is something that haulers are dealing with that is an issue. There is not a lot of margin in the roll-off business and you don’t want to damage someone’s driveway or having constant repairs; it takes away from your bottom line. Rolliskate recognizes that and their solution solves that problem and addresses DOT regulations, which get tighter every year. This should be a product that almost every fleet in the country should be spec’ing. RolliSkate is looking to grow and partner with the right people. I’m excited and look forward to the partnership with Rolliskate.”

For more information on RolliSkate and dealer and end/user opportunities, call (585) 730-8084, e-mail or visit For more information on Target Equipment, serving parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, call (215) 675-8000, e-mail or visit