Protecting Customers Property

In a 2006 article in Waste 360 Magazine (See article here) Bruce A Hooker of R.F. Mattei & Associates of CA Insurance Services Sacramento, Calif. wrote about the importance of placing protection in the form of plywood on customers property to protect the surfaces from damage while placing roll of containers and dumpsters. It is 2016 and we are still strapping planks and plywood to our trucks for surface protection? There is now a better way, RolliSkate container flotation protects your customers property from roll off container damage, allows for more maneuverability of the container, and can be stored on the truck or the container in a way that is D.O.T. compliant.  With the Rolliskate flotation system on your equipment you will always make the impression that you are a professional with the right equipment to place your container and protect your customers property.