Jeff’s Remodeling adds RolliSkate

This weeks story starts at home….. Jeff’s Remodeling has followed our humble start since day one. When Jeff decided to in October he was going to get a roll off dump trailer setup, we were part of his thoughts. For years he had waste removal companies supply him his dumpster, […]

Big Shipment going out to a single customer

After seeing the benefits of the RolliSkate roll-off container flotation system this customer ordered enough for his fleet of Roll-off container trucks. DOT compliant truck accessory for any type of container delivery and placement roll-off container, shipping containers, dumpsters….

RolliSkates in action

Royal Container a professional roll off container company that is dedicated to leaving their customers property in the condition that it was before they place their roll off containers. Royal Container uses the RolliSkate roll off container flotation system on their trucks because they know the value of being D.O.T. […]

RolliSkate RolliBracket Manufacturing

RolliBrackets manufactured in house Rochester, NY and American Made quality product.  Our RolliBrackets are design to allow your roll off container truck to arrive at the customers site with the professional equipment on hand to place your roll off container. With the RolliBracket system on your truck you will be D.O.T. compliant and ready to safely place your container anywhere your customer needs it. Being prepared to protect your customers property instead of handing them a damage waiver shows that your company is professional and ready to protect the customers property.

Protecting Customers Property

In a 2006 article in Waste 360 Magazine (See article here) Bruce A Hooker of R.F. Mattei & Associates of CA Insurance Services Sacramento, Calif. wrote about the importance of placing protection in the form of plywood on customers property to protect the surfaces from damage while placing roll of containers and dumpsters. […]

RolliSkate Container Flotation Soft Surface Placement Slideshow

Video slideshow of the placement of a roll off container on an soft surface using the Rolliskate roll off container flotation system. When you show up to place a container on a customers property and you have a professional system for surface damage mitigation they will know that their property will be safe and that they are dealing with a truly professional company. Visit our Products Page to see our full line of D.O.T. Compliant roll off container flotation systems.

Damage to Customers Surface Without RolliSkate Protection

This is an example of damage to a concrete floor without using RolliSkate container flotation. RolliSkate will protect the surface that the roll off container is placed on and eliminate customers property damage. RolliSkate also makes it possible to place the roll off container in places that would be difficult […]