Prevent Driveway Damage

When damage is done to driveways, it can be costly and may upset customers. (Whether the damage is caused by a driver mistake or simply gravity and weather). To pave a small 12×50 (600 square foot) area costs between $1000-$3,000 for gravel, black asphalt or macadam and can run two […]

Using RolliSkate Around the Shop

Don’t be fooled we do alot of things here at RolliSkate. We move structures within our factory and property. Within…the building we have to jokey things around alot. So….we put the RolliSkates on our caster. Effortlessly we move them around, without the structures falling off. When we came up with […]

Target Equipment Becomes Master Area Dealer for RolliSkate

RolliSkate (Rochester NY) announces that Target Equipment (Warminster, PA) has become a master area dealer for the company, primarily for the Pennsylvania and New Jersey market. Target Equipment, sister company to hauling company George Leck and Son, Inc., is a compactor, installation and rental company that has grown to include other […]

Protecting Paver Surfaces with RolliSkate

Brick pavers, and stamped concrete surfaces are prone to chipping and heaving damage from point loads that are placed on them, using the RolliSkate container flotation system protects these surfaces in a professional way.