New Products coming soon!

We are pleased to announce…late spring.

We will be offering 2 new lines to the RolliSkate Brand.
Light Duty 2 yr warranty (new – mid Summer)
Super Duty 4 yr warranty (new – late Spring)
Extreme Duty 8 yr warranty – Current Production

The two new lines will have most of the key benefits of the Extreme duty, but a lower cost and less of a wear pad. You will still have great P.S.I reduction qualities, ease of placement and recovery, aswell as D.O.T compliancy.

With the additions to the new line, it will allow the cost conscious to start mitigating property damage issues. And up-fitting there fleet with the best back protection in the industry.

Trust me your drivers will thank you for faster deployment and Recovery times, Ease of moving the container about with out fear of property damage. And the award winning D.O.T compliant holder for the skates.

Rollibracket Loaded

RolliSkates D.O.T. Compliant