RolliSkate was born out of ingenuity from the waste removal business. We wanted to prove there was a better way to protect customers property, and also create a better way to stow the protection device. The Rolliskate offers simple safe solution for your container flotation needs. No more cumbersome wood that stows poorly and may get you in trouble on the road. Whether you are placing shipping containers, roll-off containers, dumpsters, or storage containers it’s time to make the switch to Rolliskate.

The RolliSkate system is fully lockable and secure. It will keep the competition away. You can program the combination lock to any 3 digit security sequence. Innovation and securing your hard earned investment is what our Research and Development team does.

All RolliSkate are made from a proprietary plastic that is environmentally friendly, lightweight, and easy to use. Our RolliSkates will not rot, and are oil & grease resistant. The compression and shear strength is greater than wood and can be used on any rough surfaces such as gravel and beat up asphalt,turf or soil. As well as smooth Asphalt and Concrete…..Either way it will provide maximum flotation and reduction of P.S.I
The RolliSkates patented dimensions give greater flotation and drastically creating a larger foot print, thus protecting whats beneath it. Skates were designed to minimize the damage on whatever you place them on.
The RolliSkate will also cut down on resistance on all you mechanical equipment. Actual test have shown as much as a 85+% reduction in resistance from wood or other protection devices. This allows longer life to your winches, and hydraulic pumps and motors.

Buying RolliSkates is money well spent now.
1. Always have protection with you
2. Have 4 sizes of flotation, P.S.I reduction (small,medium,large, and x large)
3. Easy stowing of protection devices
4. D.O.T compliant
5. Space savings of 70+% (no more tool box space needed)

Simplify your fleet, and protect your clients property…..

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